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Travel advice

Travelling to Accra:

Accra's airport is the Kotoka International Airport (code: ACC), 6 miles (9.7 kilometres) from the city.

Arriving at the airport:

The arrival terminal at Kotoka International Airport is small/cosy. Before completing immigration formalities, you will need to complete a Ghana Immigration Service card. These cards are on counters on the right-hand side just before the Immigration officer's booths.  For the section requesting your address in Ghana, you can write the name of your Hotel/Guest House.

Airport meet and transfer:

Apart from the University Guest Centre, all the other recommended IASA hotels provide courtesy airport transfer service from and to the Airport. The University Guest Centre charge for airport transfer is GHS60 (approximately €11) one way. Contact your respective hotels with your arrival flight details and request for the service.

Also, please email the office of the Conference Manager with the name of your hotel, period of stay and arrival and departure details. Email address:

If you have to travel to your hotel by yourself, we recommend that you use an airport official taxi to the hotel. They can be found parked at the street next to the passenger meeting area. They could cost you about GHS30 – GHS50 (about €6 - €9)

Please note that the University of Ghana is approximately 15 minutes drive from the Kotoka International Airport though it could take longer during rush hours.

Getting around Accra – Transportation:

The conference venue (Department of Economics, University of Ghana, Legon) is within 20 minutes' drive from the recommended accommodation units. Taxis can be hailed from the recommended hotels to the conference venue and vice versa. Taxis in Ghana are generally saloon cars with yellow patches above the wheel area. Note that only taxis and commercial shuttles with University of Ghana Pass will be allowed into the campus and the conference venue. Private vehicles tend to have easy pass to the University of Ghana Campus. Thankfully, online taxi services which make use of private cars are available. Uber and Taxify are the most popular ones.

For participants who will be accommodated outside campus, it is highly recommended for to use Uber or Taxify to get the conference venue. You can download for free the service app from the Google PlayStore or Apple Market. Your hotel/guesthouse receptionist/staff should be able to assist you call for Uber or Taxify services once you ask politely. Transportation via Uber and Taxi from the recommended hotels to the Conference venue should be between GHS10 – GHS40 (about €2 - €7). 

For participants who will stay in hotels on the University of Ghana campus, taxis can be hailed from the street, or you may ask your hotel/guesthouse / staff of the venue where you are to assist you in getting one. They could cost you anything between GHS10 – GHS20 (about €2 - €4). Taxis are not metered and the fare is subject to bargaining. The fare is determined for the distance, regardless of the number of passengers. Taxis take a maximum of 4 people. Taxis in Accra may operate like mini buses, picking up unrelated passengers as they ply their route. When you hail an empty taxi state from the beginning, that you want "dropping"; that is, you want the taxi to take you directly to your destination. You must negotiate your fare before getting into the taxi.

Buses will be provided to convey registered participants to and from the conference professional visits and the Conference Banquet.

University of Ghana is a mini-town in itself. Note that, some 150 meters from the conference venue is the university main gate, where taxis are parked most of the day looking for passengers. You can readily take any of these to your hotel or to town at any time.

The district of Accra where the university is located is called Legon, also synonymous with the university’s name. Thus, going to ‘Legon’ can mean going to the university or to that general district.

To go downtown from Legon, intra-city buses called “tro-tro” or local mini-buses as well as taxis are widely available both within the campus and at the main gate of the university.