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Eating out

The recommended conference accommodation units have their own restaurants likewise other accommodation facilities in and outside campus. They provide breakfast inclusive in the room rate.

Buffet lunches, snacks and refreshment will be provided in the Catering Hall of the conference venue (Department of Economics, University Ghana, Legon) on the conference days 1st to 4th October, 2018 and the cost is included in the full conference registration fee.

There are also a variety of restaurants and other eating places at the University of Ghana and its environs. You can make an allowance for €8.00 (GHS45.00) and above for your dinners.

There are several eateries on the University of Ghana campus. They include: Yiri Lodge, University Guest Centre, Basement at the Central Caferia building, Tasty Treat and also in the Halls of residence - Akuafo Hall (Tacobell), Mensah Sarbah Hall (Sarmaxx, Loggia), Legon Hall (A&J), Commonwealth Hall (Campus Hub). There is also the famous University Night market and Bush Canteen.

Dining outside the University of Ghana Campus

Apart from the recommended eateries at University of Ghana Campus, there are the following in and around the East Legon area:  Chez Afrique, DNR Turkish Restaurant, Relish Foods and Restaurants and Noble House Chinese Restaurant.

In the centre of Accra, there are also a variety of eating places at Osu, a commercial hub about 40 minutes’ drive from the University of Ghana. Many of the more popular ones are located on the main OSU-R.E. street, popularly referred to as "Oxford Street". For "Fast" food (eat-in or take-away): "Monsoon Food Court" and “Papaye” (chicken and rice or chips/French fries); “Frankies”; “KFC”, Indian - "Haveli", Salads “Sunshine Salads”.  Others in the general Osu area are Chinese – ‘Regal”, "Noble”; Indian - "Kohinoor"; Chinese & Indian - "Noble House", Italian (incl. pizza) “Mama Mia’s”.

Do try Ghanaian foods too - you will enjoy it, even if it may be too spicy for some.  There is "Country Kitchen" in the Osu-Ringway residential area, Trafix Restaurant at the National Theatre which serve a buffet lunch delight and “Bukka” (Ghanaian, Ivorian, Nigerian dishes).  The more adventurous may also try a "chop bar" - a popular one around the Osu area is "Asanka Local". 

Some of the most popular Ghanaian dishes are: "red-red" (fried ripe plantain with beans stew - either plain/vegetarian or with meat/chicken/fish); “banku” (something like a large, slightly sour dumpling made of ground fermented maize/corn and cassava) with grilled tilapia and pepper; “fufu” (like sticky mashed potato, but made from cassava, plantain or yam) and a thick soup (try especially the groundnut/peanut butter and palm-nut soups; these soups may also sometimes be served with “omo tuo” or rice balls); “Jollof” rice (rice cooked in tomato sauce and spices very similar to paella); and “waakye” (rice with black-eyed peas - a preferred choice of vegetarians).