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Guidelines for Chairpersons and Speakers

The main auditorium of the venue of the conference at the Department of Economics, University of Ghana, Legon, together with all the panel session rooms, are equipped with LCDs, projector screens and will have laptops with presentation software. The laptops run Windows operating systems and MS Office 2016. Presentation files that use the conference laptops should be converted to a Windows compatible format. Presenters who prefer to use their own laptops, regardless of their operating system being Windows or Apple OS, can ‘hook up’ to the projectors.

All speakers and chairpersons of the conference sessions are encouraged to read the guidelines presented on the main IASA website on the following page:

Guidelines for Chairpersons or Speakers:

Note, in particular, sections 7 (Structure of a session), 8 (Questions and answers) and 11 (Some guidelines for speakers).